Venerdì 28 ottobre dalle 19 in via Mezzocannone, presentazione del progetto Colori per il Rojava con

proiezioni, musica e aperitivo.

Verrà presentato il progetto di terapia creativa che verrà realizzato con il ricavato dell’esposizione artistica che si terrà dal 29 ottobre al 6 novembre presso la galleria 1 Opera in Via San Biagio dei Librai 121 all’interno del palazzo Diomede Carafa.

Ingresso a offerta libera, tutto il ricavato sarà utilizzato per la realizzazione dei progetti.

Dalle 19:

DJ SET CON: (in aggiornamento)

APERITIVO preparato dalla banda della magnata

INFOSHOP materiali, testi, magliette ecc.





The art project “Colori per il Rojava” stems from our interest and commitment in wanting to give extreme visibility and support for the Rojava revolution, in northern Syrian territory on the border with Turkey, one of the four parts into which it is divided Kurdistan. Confederalism is based on a democratic revolution that paved the way for peaceful coexistence of all peoples, while respecting their languages, cultures and identities. A project open to differences of other groups and political factions, flexible, multi-cultural, anti-monopolistic, and geared to participation. As detailed in the paper “Social Contract of Rojava”, the revolution of the Kurds as much as the Arabs, the Yazidi, Assyrian, Aramaic, Turkmen… a card that will appeal to all peoples, to pursue the principles of equality, freedom and justice, in search of an ecological balance to stop the depletion of resources. In fact, the concepts of ecology and feminism are central pillars of the thought of Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdish liberation movement leader and theorist of the democratic confederalism. A social revolution that gives voice to the needs, structurally reinforcing the autonomy of the social actors, whose character is now embodied in the women’s revolution. For this is recognized as the dawn of women’s freedom. This experiment of life collides with those who want to design their own power over maps, delete each stroke off lines and dye any one colour; so we think that the colours can tell the most of this revolution, because we demonstrate how diversity, together, can live together and always create something unique. Through these traces of colour we want to discover, describe and support their struggle and try to make it as our possible. Our proposal is that to invite the artists to answer to this “call to brushes,” contributing to the narration of a story that is seldom told, using the techniques and materials that are considered most appropriate for the realization of the works without any constraint. All collected works will be exhibited in a dedicated event and sold to support and launch the “Colori per il Rojava” project. The works will be collected by 30 September, by contacting us by mail to “”, or through the facebook page “Colours Rojava”. The exhibition will take place in Naples in November, at the 1 Opera gallery in San Biagio dei Librai 121 street. The projects to be funded will be able to find them on our page.